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#Nigeria: VMAP was created in #NAFDAC to ensure effective #OneHealth approach.

“Animal health remains one of the weakest links in terms of how the world deals with disease risks” – #UNFAO J.Lubroth



Aflatoxins: serious threat to food safety and food security, but is it related to livestock?

“Aflatoxins: serious threat to food safety and food security, but is it related to livestock?” – ILRI


Aflatoxins are cancer-causing mycotoxins produced by the mould Aspergillus flavus. Aspergillus can grow in a wide range of foods and feed and thrives under favourable conditions of high temperature and moisture content.

Aflatoxin contamination can occur before crops are harvested when temperatures are high, during harvest if wet conditions occur and after harvest if there is insect damage to the stored crop or if moisture levels are high during storage and transportation.

Aflatoxins in contaminated animal feed not only result in reduced animal productivity, but can also end up in milk, meat and eggs, thus presenting a health risk to humans.

The poster below, prepared for the Tropentag 2014  conference, presents an overview of a research project led by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) aimed at measuring and mitigating the risk of aflatoxins in the feed-dairy chain in Kenya.


Aflatoxins: serious threat to food…

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